Month: May 2015


The 6 Principles of Nutrition in Pregnancy

When I ask expecting parents what they hope their baby will be like, whether a boy or a girl, most reply that they don’t mind as long as their baby is healthy. Health is central to happiness and wellbeing, and is the benchmark for living a long and fulfilled life. Although we can’t control all factors for health, diet is certainly one that we can and it is unquestionably fundamental to our health. By eating healthily during pregnancy you are giving your baby the best possible start in life.  A healthy diet is also linked to a long list of benefits for mums, such as reducing the risk of developing long term diseases, minimising discomforts of pregnancy, contributing to increased energy and balanced emotional state, maintaining a healthy weight, and the list goes on. The benefits have also been shown to carry on as parents learn and appreciate the importance of eating a healthy diet even after pregnancy and will teach their children to do so too. During pregnancy your developing baby is completely dependent …