Month: April 2015


Iron boosting Lentil Salad

I love this salad because not only is it delicious but it can taken for lunch on the go, or be served as a light supper. It is quick to prepare, healthy and very satisfying. I often make a double serving of this salad just so I can have it another day. Lentils and spinach are a rich source of iron, which often drops in pregnancy, and combined with the vitamin C of the lemon juice and other veg, it helps its absorption. Lentils and leafy greens are also abundant in folate- the natural form of folic acid- so are great for those of you trying to conceive or in early pregnancy, as folate is especially important for your baby’s early development. If that wasn’t enough goodness to convince you, lentils are also full of protein and fibre, so will keep you going for longer and help prevent constipation! There are many types of lentils, but for salads I tend to like puy lentils, as they cook quickly and retain their shape when cooked so …