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Fresh Fig & Feta cheese salad


Every year I look forward to figs coming into season at the end of the summer. They are my absolute favorite, deliciously sweet and wonderful, and worth waiting for! They are a rather delicate fruit when ripe, but are very versatile and can be eaten with something savoury (as in this salad), made into jam, as a dessert, or simply on their own. They come in various different colours and sizes,  all delicious. When out of season, they can be very disappointing, so keep this salad in mind between July and September only. Dried figs however are available all year round, so you can still reap their health benefits and enjoy them as a sweet snack any time of year.

Figs are well-known to help those suffering with constipation as they are full of fibre, which helps get things moving. For people who aren’t used to a fibre rich diet, figs can act as a bit of a laxative, so if you are one of those people, you may want to have a taster portion of this salad first just in case! However, for those of you suffering with constipation during pregnancy, this salad is a real treat for both your digestive system and your taste buds.

Figs have also been found to lower blood pressure and help reduce the need for insulin in people with diabetes. If you are diabetic however, it’s a good idea to only eat small amounts of figs as they are also high in sugar. If you find your blood sugar spikes after eating them, avoid them altogether.

Last but not least, figs are high in iron, calcium, potassium and B vitamins; all important minerals and vitamins for you and the development of your baby.

Having said that, this salad is so delicious you don’t need any other reasons to eat it!

Serves: 2 (starter portions) Total time: 5 minutes

10-15 fresh figs (any colour)
75g feta cheese
small handful fresh mint, lightly chopped
5 slices of prosciutto ham (optional)
Black pepper to taste

Firstly, quarter the figs and arrange onto plates. Cut the ham into small slices (if using) and crumble the feta over the figs and add the chopped mint. Season with black pepper and serve.



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