About Me

Welcome to The Pregnant Chef!      


Contrary to what the name might imply, I am not pregnant, and I am not a chef, however this blog does make some sense. I am a practicing Naturopath and a Midwife, and I love cooking. So I thought I’d merge my three passions and share some of my knowledge with those of you who need it.

I have always loved good food, healthy eating and nutrition and knew early on that it was a career I wanted to pursue. I qualified with a BSc (Hons) in Naturopathy and loved every minute of it. As a result I also became especially interested in fertility, pregnancy & women’s health in general. That prompted me to continue my studies and I went back to University to become a midwife. I am now a naturopath and a midwife and I feel like I have the most privileged jobs in the world.

Pregnancy is such an amazing process, and I will always be in awe of the miracle of birth, and bringing a new life into this world. The greatest wish of all parents is to bring a healthy baby into the world, so he or she has the best opportunities in life from the beginning.  And that’s how this blog was born. It has come as a result of realising that women are often confused about what to eat or what not to eat during pregnancy. Quite frankly, midwives and doctors receive little or no training in the area of nutrition and therefore often find it difficult to advise women when they’re faced with these questions. There are lots of books out there on specific nutrients you need to eat when you’re pregnant, but the difficulty comes when you actually want to implement these nutrients into your food, which may be quite different to the way you’re used to eating.

This blog is not only here to help you realise that pregnancy is not about depriving yourself of all the foods you love, but to open your eyes on how healthy food can also be delicious. It will give you lots of great recipes that you know will nourish you and your baby, as well as the rest of the family. Being very busy myself, I understand the challenges of eating a balanced, healthy diet under time pressure, and with a limited budget. That’s why I focus on recipes that are easy, healthy, and seasonal, to help inspire you to eat well whatever the circumstances. They’re not meant to be groundbreaking and very inventive, just simple, healthy, and tasty!

I am also planning on doing posts on little tips to help you get over some of the hurdles of pregnancy like nausea, acid reflux, leg cramps and thrush. If there are any new topics or questions that you’d like me to answer, feel free to post them. However please note that if you have any specific health conditions or questions it is best to speak to your midwife or doctor before completely changing your diet, as this is a generic site and I am not able to give individualized advice.

I hope to inspire you to start your pregnancy and new family off to the best start with healthy eating habits that will benefit you and the whole family!